The Barking Lot offers professional training services suitable for any sized dog, and all breeds are welcome! DeeAnna is an AKC certified trainer, with years of experience working with dogs. Her approach is straight forward and focuses on getting your dog trained to thrive in the real-world. This includes ensuring your dog is comfortable around other dogs, children, and numerous other distractions. Her goal is to ensure dogs know their place within your pack so that the dog stay in their forever homes, and you can have a genuinely beloved furry member of your family.

Come in today and learn how to eliminate the bad behaviors frustrating you about your dog!  DeeAnna’s program will show you how to create an environment for your dog to thrive in without the need for constant yelling and annoyance.

DeeAnna offers both private and group lessons. If interested, please call, or come in and speak with her at The Barking Lot today!  

training at the barking lot